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    Welcome to Remote Equipment Repairs

    Remote Equipment Repairs has been offering the service of maintenance and repairs to outdoor enthusiasts for over 16 years. We have built our reputation by offering quality repairs to garments to satisfy the needs of people throughout Australia and worldwide. Our philosophy is that if we can keep your product going for just 1 more day not only does it reduce landfill but it enables you to continue using your much loved gear for a lot more time to come.

    Our services and repairs are all carried out to the highest quality and where possible we will even improve the overall integrity of the item. Our contacts have enabled us to source the highest quality of materials which manufacturers use worldwide and if we don’t have an item on site, we will either seek immediate supply or modify the design to suit your needs.

    We believe that having the right gear means that you can be confident in the outdoors. Why risk going into the outdoors in a cold dirty sleeping bag and a ripped leaky tent? With some simple maintenance and TLC to your gear your next trip will be much more enjoyable.

    Finally, we are proud to say that we have many repeat customers because the services and repairs that we have provided have far surpassed their expectations.

    We do Warranty and repair work for the following companies